Thursday, October 31, 2013

Samantha's Revenge

Samantha's Revenge is a short story by blogger Amy Redd, also known as Anal Amy. Her blog is the only sex blog that I follow regularly. Since I enjoy the writing on her blog, I decided to try a few of her eBooks. This is the first I read and it was fairly enjoyable. Again, it's just a short story so not much character development or background information.

Samantha has been bullied by a guy from her high school named Fabio. For some reason, Samantha also has dated or hooked-up with Fabio several times in the past. He is relentlessly cruel to her. She decided to get revenge on him by sleeping with him. Which I don't understand at all. 

A little background info, Fabio had shared pictures of Samantha giving him a blow-job on several occasions while making fun of her weight and making her feel ugly and disgusting in front of other people. So, part of her revenge is sleeping with him and handcuffing him to a bed and she then takes pictures of him performing oral on her and writing something on his stomach about how he likes fat chicks while she rides him. Then, when she's done she just ups and leaves him still cuffed to the bed, for their peers to find. 

This short story was decent enough though, I can't say I'd "punish" my bully by sleeping with him even if we had a relationship in the past and my intention was to embarrass him. I wasn't a big fan of the characters, but I'm giving Samantha's Revenge 3 out of 5 stars. It was a quick, entertaining read and only for .99.

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